Number of Object layers somehow greatly multiplied

I’m not sure how it happened but I have hundreds of layers on an object that I didn’t intentionally make. It would take me forever to merge them all. When I do merge a layer I have to wait for a few seconds for the operation to complete. I’m wondering if this is a bug.

I imported a model that had layers, and cut them up and the voxel merged them into a different model that didn’t have layers. I’m not sure how that would create the mess I have though haha,

Is there a way to merge all the layers on an object?

I think you validated a repeater node with a instance with a layer.

I think I should merge the layers if it’s the same instance

I’m unsure what that means, haha. Thank you for your response though. Also I really enjoy your videos thanks for all your work!

Are you saying that’s what I should do? Or that’s something that you’re looking to implement?

Thanks! I Love your amazing program

What I should do.