Normals direction

I’m not quite sure what i did kaputt and how but after a wild combination of trimming remeshing closing holes and dyntopo i think i finally broke my mesh and the relax function is trying to move inwards on itself. Is there a way to check the direction the normals are facing somewhere? If not it might be a helpful add! I’m kinda suspecting they might be the problem :joy:
(I’d also like to point out that the update was awesome! Thank you so much for the surprise and hard work!)

A screenshot could help!
Or if the file is small enough you can send it to me.
“inwards on itself” is not clear to me.
Maybe you are smoothing on the mesh edge or non manifold edge or smoothing.
(you can try to voxel remesh and it’ll likely fix any issues you have with topology, but ideally if there is a bug I’d like to know more).

As for normal direction, the simplest is to go in Settings and activate “twosided”, then make sure colored backface is on.
You can flip the shading normal in material menu → inverse culling
It’s not really showing the normal direction but the “face orientation”…

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Aw man sorry i remade the mesh so i cant experiment anymore
i tried with voxel remesh after i saw it happening in one section and it transfered the issue over the whole mesh (the edges were protuding outwards and reacted weird again after using smooth and dyntopo) even the extraction didnt work :confounded:
the new mesh works fine now though! I think i really just used the „trim“ and „close hole“ functions a bit too quickly when it suddenly started adding geometry instead of removing it at some point :joy:
I dont have the relax function look screencapped but it looked like somebody wrapped a rubberband around it

ill def document it better what i messed up should it happen again!

The polygon are clearly stretched on your screenshot, you should probably use voxel remesh, smooth or dynTopo to make the polygons more uniform.
Any sculpting tool will work funny in that configuration.

Hmm with voxel remeshing it can’t happen, the new mesh is guaranteed to be manifold and without edges.

Anyway if you encounter the issue again, you report it back.