Normal Maps

Texture maps which allow us to give off the illusion of a high poly mesh, while having a low poly mesh.

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If I understand correctly we could sculpt high poly, export normals, do a low poly via retopo and use the normals so to make the low poly look closer to the high poly one so it can easily be posed and animated in apps like Blender. Is that correct? Because it seems cool.

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Wait can so explain this to me in detail? I think what you’re trying to say is i export my. Mesh with Normals selected, but what do I do after that.

No way to bring Normal maps back into Nomad directly and apply to the model properly. Nomad does have UV capability now though, so it opens the doors for these processes.

I wouldn’t be so sure if you;) take a look at the webdemo and import a zip containing * .obj with textures, normals etc … and let the magic work.

I actually don’t know how the process of maintaining quality in low poly models through normals is done. Probably not something we do in nomad but apps like blender. I still have to investigate that.

it s easy, but needs a lot of ressources, you project the XYZ normalized distance vector from your high poly to your low poly surface barycentre on a tangeant space map based on your Uv coords. Then use this map to give the illusion of volume and details. This is a very basic aspect of Gaming optimization. And of the key features of zbrush.

Friend of mine gave a very good example of using methods like this. Worth having a look.

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I know how to implement normals now… but I have no idea what to do for those to be visible on Procreate (like the 3d samples) or in Nomad.

I would love to be able to bake a layer to a normal map and have it apply to the object.

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I’d love to be able to import a normal into the paint brush and paint normals/bump map onto the models.

Use the Brush tool, load the normal or bump into the alpha, albedo/colour into the stroke, paint away :+1:

It’s not the same.

Normal maps are supported in Nomad but you cannot assign textures inside the interface.
You need to do it elsewhere and export as glTF. (Or in Procreate then export in OBJ)


Thanks for the info and thanks for such an amazing app, it’s the most impressive one I’ve ever seen on the iPad for what I like to do.