Bumpmaps on future releases?

Hi, it’s planed that nomad support bumpmaping on the future, ? it would be very helpfull for game content creation, and it woul help to keep poligon count lower.

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You mean Normal map maybe ? Stephomi say on a other post that is not this priority the mapping with uv etc … but nomad is a baby app that grow up quickly :wink:

This is something that would require UV maps, I think, so it would probably have to wait for that at least.

I think, though, that the nature of the tools in Nomad would need some tweaking to really support low-poly workflows anyway. It’s possible right now, but low-poly work is not ideal.

Yes for Nomad is a sculpting app, so with mid-high poly in mind.

UV, and thus normal map are out of the scope for now.