Normal map additional option

Would it be possible to add an option to bake Object Space normal map?
Tangent Space normal map baking works great in Nomad but it would be nice to have an option.

Just wondering - why you want object space normal maps?

I remember them, when tangent space normal maps were still an issue - but why nowadays?

So I can paint directly on them.
There’s a Matcap in Nomad, but there’s no way to transfer that onto a texture…

But you can paint on it also in tangent space?
No clue what’s your problem is - sorry.

Object space was in use, as long seams were a problem. But for static objects only.
If you are irritated, just rotate the local space. That’s it.

Considering longer… why you want to paint the normal map? Just change the topology, polygons are no more an issue, you know?

Duplicate the object in low poly, increase the vertex count of the copy. Change the form of the copy to your belongings, than bake the normal map to the original low poly version. You obtain the benefit of a tangent space normal map and a low poly object you can use in game engines and most renderers…

Different workflow to achieve different result. I know there’s an option to bake Object Space normal in Blender, it wouId be nice and helpful to have the same extra option in Nomad too. I hope this video can explain to you better and make it clear why you would paint on Object Space Normal map:


This only will work on rather plane surfaces with slight deviations in local space, which do not transform in world space. And your render engine has to accept your normal maps in object space (rather uncommon).

Blender does it (Blender is rather old) - but try in blender and observe how it looks in motion…

Nomad does not accept object space normals (to my knowledge).

Why not simply change the intended shader to the desired effect?

Nomad does accept Object Space Normals… But you can’t bake them. That’s the problem.

Here is the map in Nomad, rendered from matcap , painted in Procreate and applied to single polygon back in Nomad:

Hm - I’m on android do not find an option to switch the spaces for the normal map textures in nomad… Maybe on iPad it’s different.

Still not know why it should be of any high relevance today to bake in object space, sorry.

Ok :wink: Maybe you’ll understand better if you watch this:

@stephomi Please make it happen our Dear Leader :face_holding_back_tears::pray:

… Ok you want to create a look like it’s painted…
Sorry, that’s engine dependent.

This shown in the video only ‘might’ work in other render engines, supporting object space. But assuming the quality this video is: it’s a perfect YouTube blender bullshit example. It works as is in blender only. Dependent on the engine version…

So - make your geometry, export it to blender. Or even better: create it in blender. Then: change the normal space to object space and paint - in blender. Program the shader. Like shown in the video.

If not using blender as renderer (most likely: EEVEE, the one to be replaced soon): learn how the supposed renderer works, and the shader for it.

You’re using Nomad, so learn the tricks here.

Actually, while writing it: I wonder why no one ever posted a tutorial for it. Seams to be of interest… But without any shader editor…

You’re not getting it, but that’s ok. I’ve just posted my example above of painted Object Space Normals working in Nomad flawlessly. It’s a simple request to be able to bake additional map, no need to be passive aggressive. Anyway, it’s up to @stephomi and I’m sure he’s got more important updates on his mind, but maybe down the line if it’s not a big hassle to implement.
Just because you don’t see the potential in this workflow doesn’t necessarily mean it’s useless.

I’ve been wanting to try out this technique for a while now to emulate Arcane/TMNT style

I think it would need some form of auto normals colour picker so that whatever painterly brush stroke you paint uses directly from the normals map… whilst simultaneously allowing for vertex painting with the same brush stroke :thinking: might be too epic an undertaking for such a niche feature but if I’m wrong +1 me for sure!

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