Nomad Sculpt - Layer - record Gizmo movement (V1.65 - 19.3.2022)

A small Tutorial:

To record the Gizmo movement on a layer, select Vertex Mode in the Gizmo settings.


:+1: a good one, Holger.
In this context, this video is very helpful as well. Just scroll towards the layer part:

Used these tips to create this tiny little nonsense, which is a mix of vertex transform and sculpt record on layer.


Is there a way to record a light position change, either within the layer or any other way?

I made a little clip (below) where I tried moving a street lamp along a path but I couldn’t get the light to move with it. So instead, I found I had to move the lamp, move the light, then export a screenshot. Over and over.


But it gives fantastic Aardman vibes :+1:
Sorry, haven’t tried anything like this and don’t know any help. But your car animation looks very nice :vulcan_salute:

Thank you. I’ve read a lot of your posts on various things and learned a lot so thank you for that as well.

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This thing kills my hearing every time :smiley:

:joy: :rofl: was not my intention :rofl: :joy:

Awesome ! this will be very handy for posing /moving for stop motion video