Sculpted joy

Oh man! What did I started here. WIP Version 1849….

A few braids were prepared in 3Ds max with a script and path deform. The rest ( 90%) were added in Nomad. Still missing lots of braids and all transitions to head.


Wooooo wonderful

How did you do that

Mainly, just sculpting. See process video above with blue face.
Hair is a cooperation between 3Ds max and Nomad.
Everything could have been done in Nomad, but I was lazy and used a one click script for one braid in 3Ds max, and path deform in 3Ds max. Then export to Nomad again. Duplicate, sculpt, duplicate……endless.


I was asking about the animation :sweat_smile::smile:

Look here and you’ll find anything you need:

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Aree bhai bhai bhai i had watched that vedio once but i git BOARED so i left .
After that i thought the dev might give any new feature in the future update for animation :thinking:.

Tiny steps.


Coming out quite nicely there.

I tried doing a braid a couple weeks ago for a dwarf head. Was supposed to be for the sides of the mustache. Only got as far as creating the braid with the tubes. Really wasn’t too bad to do inside of Nomad by having 3 instances (non validated) of a tube and moving them around like creating a regular braid.

I was hoping to add a bunch of “hairs” over each of the tube sections to hide the underlying tubes without having to fill it completely with hair to see if it would pass and still look like it was just the hair that was braided. Never got back to it unfortunately. With as many braids as you have, that might not be a simple task.

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Wonderful, only thing I’d say as a boxbraid head myself is the braids won’t fall so flat on the top as they do here, I’m not sure if it’s intentional or under construction., but it kinda looks squared and falling like a waterfall on the top, where as it could be more random and round I guess?

Trying to find the one and literally only thing I could comment lol.

Beautiful work as usual man.

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Ahh thank you guys. @SporkFuMaster well, I am lazy and to slow to make it too complicated. But I guess I know what you mean. Beside that it is always a question what my iPad can handle. It’s an overall compromise.

@037 thanks a lot! This is useful. I try to randomise thinks a bit more.

More hair, more randomised. I guess that’s it for general modelling. Now painting….


Great Work!!
Very hard work on hair… Epic!

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Thank you!

Modelling is done on this one.


Impressive work on hair result!


Great work!

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Wow…scary real!

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Awesome! Are the braids sculpted in Nomad? If so…how the hell? :smiley:

No, I was to lazy. Later I found some tutorials. I used a mcg script for 3Ds max and imported it into Nomad. There I added some tubes for final strands and for head hair. It could have been done in Nomad. But yeah, tedious.

That’s the most promising tutorial I found:
Braid tut for zbrush
Should work with Nomad as well. Needs some precise work that auto welding will work later.

Here are some more renderings with better lights.


WIP. Different stylised hair approaches. What do you like more? :point_left: Left or :point_right: right or :point_up_2:centre? Left are tubes, invalidated so far. Will get a bit more touch ups, but not to much. Right is Dyntopo mesh. Centre and moustache are simple spheres with some creasing. Man! I just wanted to create something to test my clay matcaps and now he is staring at me all day long! :joy: