Nomad Data taking too much space on ipad?

I’ve been trying to free up some space on my ipad, and since Nomad was reporting that I had 8GB++ of data, I decided to delete some already backed-up project files (and keep only a few). I cleaned up the recycle bin too and nomad can only see the few I’ve kept. Now if I add up the sizes of the glb/glb.lz4 and autosaves of these projects from within the Files App, they don’t exceed 2GB and I have no stencils or textures. Still System preferences reports that I have 8,5GBs of Nomad data. Any idea why this might be happening? Is this some nomad cache files that I can’t access from the Files app? How can I recover this space?


Pode ser alguma data invisível , tenta verificar se existe

thanks @HATEDANGEL! I used google translate, so you seem to be suggesting to check whether it is some invisible data/files. From the Files app (or the system settings) I couldn’t see anything that might indicate such a file might exist though.

Hence the question in the first place!

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Have you gone into the Nomad directory and had a look around in the Data section? I don’t think all of Nomad’s files are displayed in the iPad Storage menu.

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you need a file manager that I see invisible files , but first it also checks the nomad folder

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iOS doesn’t have accessible hidden files. Cannot access or view them in any way shape or form on the device other than perhaps rooting.

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Thank you John; I did, yes! I’ve accounted for those files in my 2GB estimate already - There are still 6,5GB missing unaccounted for! As a sidenote, these “Data” files (autosaves/thumbnails) get displayed in the system preferences/ipad storage too…

You are indeed right. I just kept scrolling, save for vetting each file individually, safe to assume they’re all listed. This is definitely an iOS-related enigma, Affinity Designer is an example I can pluck out - I barely have 100MB worth of files on there and its registering at 29.85GB of Documents & Data.

I’m going to peg this one down to how iOS is handling app data along with some nuances to how each app is designed. Affinity Photo I use a lot - with a lot of projects - yet the Documents & Data is showing me 6MB worth of files - if I open the app up, I have dozens in its proprietary directory - easily going into GB’s worth.

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precisely! It’s obvious that apple is storing more app-relevant files outside the “publicly accessible folders”; I remember whenever sculptura was crashing it would leave behing gigabytes worth of temp files. The solution was relaunching the program and it would do its own cleanup - I wonder how I could get rid of this bloat however without unistalling and reinstalling nomad

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I too have 3,8GB of affinity bloat, after “closing” all my open projects. Come to think about it, I wonder what will happen if I try and fill the internal memory of my ipad; will it trim all this fat like it does with photos etc? worth trying and reporting back!

Honestly, I think it’ll just fill and iOS will then make you Offload or manually delete files. Once the SD is full, Apple’s happy. It means you have to buy more Cloud Storage lol.

tell me about it… I upgraded last month to the 50GB plan, and yesterday to the 200GB just to unclog my iDevice (hoping that I’ll downgrade …one day)!

what did the trick was offloading nnomad and affinity and reinstalling them - this trimmed the fat without having to delete them. now they appear fine.

funnily the free space is the same as before - instead of the apps taking the space, i now have 15-20gb of “system data”… i hope 15.1 fixes this leak… i ll try and recover this space by filling up again the internal memory with downloaded apple tv episodes.

This seems like intended iOS behaviour on how it’s managing its files. There’s a chance it might just be holding some additional user data which it intends to dump later down when that space is needed for something else.

Despite trying to force iPadOS to flush the space by filling up the filesystem, it wouldn’t go away; it was still being treated as locked space. Eventually I installed iPadOS 15.1 and this solved the hiccup. Not sure if it was a bug that was addressed with 15.1 or merely routine post-update cleanup, but now my free space is there! I hope this is the last I see of this issue!

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Maybe it was reserved space for the iOS update.
Before I enabled off-loading, each time I was doing an update, iOS told me it needed to offload apps to temporarily free space because there wasn’t enough space for iOS to update.

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Who knows! The space was reserved even before agreeing to initiate the update download, but Apple is mysterious! :man_shrugging::woozy_face:

You can probably see them in a-shell
I will check

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Interesting, the terminal might be able to uncover some extra goodies lying around in iOS, but the way iOS is designed - the files Apple don’t want users or developers for that matter poking around with will be kept well away from any public view in its own enclave. There’s a lot of tight engineering for its software to interact with Apple’s hardware, amongst rich security - the depth of this architecture is probably where this publicly inaccessible data is kept, for Apple engineer’s only.