No settings on Tube tool


I’m following a tutorial which wants me to set the tube tool snap to every point. However, when I open the Tube Tool Settings, there are no settings available. Anyone else has this problem?

I’m on version 1.76, iPad Pro 2nd Gen.

Here’s a screenshot:

Are you talking about this Snap?

There are no settings in that menu for tube, v1.77 has a disclaimer stating as much

Things changed there a bit and settings are moved more and more to on screen quick menu. Sometimes a bit confusing.

What you want to do:
When choosing tube path or curve tool, activate snap on left menu.
This will let the path snap on below surface.
Do not move camera and hit green dot if you are using path.
Now activate snap in top onscreen menu like RogerRoger already showed you.
When ever you edit one path point it will snap to below surface,

Snappy Tubing! :vulcan_salute::grinning:

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