New Categories: Hardware. Q&A/FAQ, Video Tutorials (incl. a poll / voting option)

So many people here over and over post the same questions: I think a prominent place called FAQ is required.

Same for the Hardware: many here - especially beginners - think it requires expensive hardware to achieve great results. That’s not true! But how to know, if no one with experience give advice?
Same for compatibility (pens working with the tablet, accessories, Tests, etc.). Maybe even a Nomad specific benchmark! Of course: test-scenes have to be provided.

I suggest to introduce more sub-forums here:

  1. FAQ
  2. Hardware
  • Apple
  • Android
    – Smartphone
    – Tablet
  • Benchmarks
  1. Tutorial
  • Beginners
  • Advanced
  • Pros/Specific

1.: A collection of frequently ask questions. Maybe with a pinned one on top with questions occurring over and over again.
2: A sub-forum where Hardware specifics can be collected.
Distinguished between Apple, Android (Smartphones, Tablets separately) and maybe even an separate Benchmark section.

  • Also a pinned comment on what Nomad required by provided feature (recommendations for e.g. Polycount, layer amount, Post processing, etc.).
  • Same for 3rd Party equipment: Android does not have restriction for cheap small keyboard, Shortcut equipment, pens (incompatibilities), etc. People could get informed on what to look for, what to pay attention for.
  1. And last but not least: the Tutorial forum. Luckily Nomad is very popular, many tutorial exists. But it might be frustrating if a pro with specific needs only find beginner tutorials, beginners only find tutorials, not being understandable for him/her. Structure is missing.
    A poll might be helpful, where you can vote: this is for beginners (basic features), addresses more advanced user, or have specific solutions. Also a vote for out-dated, would be helpful.

What’s your suggestions?

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Your suggestions are good, subcategories would make sense.
In the future, the use of AI SEARCH may make sense to avoid constantly repeating questions.
I tried to categorize tutorial videos on Youtube, but I think it’s impossible.
The authors already make the first mistake by not naming the videos correctly and forgetting to add the search terms.
If a beginner video is not marked as such, then you won’t find it.
The next mistake is made by the beginners themselves, they do not use the SEARCH and if they search, then they do not know the right search terms.
Without a librarian/supervisor who provides the posts with search terms and categories, the matter will be nothing, I think.

And the start screen would have to put the SEARCH in the foreground.

For example, you could enter I’m looking for the latest beginner tutorials.

Well - I do not think such an AI enhanced search functionality is available within this forum - is it? You got suggestions based on the words you input - but I do not find it very helpful. Would really be great if.
But: as most do not even know how (or are not willing) to perform a search at all…

As a start I would suggest just to make a separate Category - clearly labeled as video tutorials.
And maybe therein sub-forums with e.g a structure like:

Video Tutorials:

  • [Pined] General: Controls/Gestures, User-Interface, Navigation
    Where to find what Features, Standard Brushes, Shortcuts, etc.
  • [Pined] Commonly used Controllers, Brushes
    Learn what a gizmo is for, how to use symmetry, what’s a mask is for, etc.
  • [Pined] Post Processing, Camera, Materials, etc
    Learn how to use the layer system, apply colors and effects, etc.
  • [Pined] Beginner - getting started
    Tutorials: only using basic features and simple to follow
  • [Pined] Advanced
    Tutorials, requiring understanding of how Nomad works, where tools are and what they do
  • [Pined] Pro
    Tutorial, hard to follow, few explanations - but great results
  • [Pined] Collection of short videos for specific functions/tools
    UVs and Texturing, Tube Tool, Alphas, etc.

Just as an example.

Would be great (if possible) to introduce a voting system, where each video could be labeled accordingly (e.g. easy/hard to follow, beginner friendly, very helpful or anything like that).

And: a separate Category called: Hardware


  • [Pined] iPads
  • [Pined] Android Tablets
  • [Pined] Android Phones

not sure if anyone uses Nomad on iPhones? There should be all questions about Performance, Accesories, Pens, etc.

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I tried this list,

but I think only a few people find it. Maybe a better category structure will help, who knows …

Well - the problem I see is: The one new to nomad do not know that your tutorials exist.

And if they come here - they only find the Tips, Tutorials and Help Category. They enter it - and get lost in posts.
I would expect tutorials to be prominent on a web page. They require a lot of effort. And frankly, most webpages having tutorials, present them prominent.

Maybe Stephan reconsiders that and makes a new Category only for Video Tutorials.

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