Forum or Discord to post things about Nomad?

I joined Discord now and I feel ambit lost about where to post things about Nomad.

If you are also in both places, what is your approach towards them?

I guess nobody here is on Discord Nomads server

It’s up to your personal preference.

I am keeping it like this:
Daily bla bla, urgent help questions & feedback = Discord only. More peeps online, faster response.
Something decent = Forum & Discord
Something for the daily quick mass consume = Facebook, Discord

Even though I am seriously pissed off that mankind is wasting it’s energy with social media, there are plenty of people there.Which makes it more responsive.l
So you can through your shit in there and get some quick nice feedback. But no one will ever look on your response again after 10hrs.
24 hrs later everyone will have forgotten that you posted something and they’ll start to ask same questions again and again and again.
Much more worse on facebook Nomad group.

Here on forum, with decent search function visible for search engines, your energy will be not wasted for one day fun.
Over the months & years, you will help or/and amaze probably much more people than on social madness…

My 2 cents, as we once said, fucki*g ages ago


Well - I prefer the forum as well (I know, I’m getting old). However, it lacks like a FAQ, Hardware, Benchmarks, and structured Tutorial section. The HW especially for Android!

Within the FAQ you could collect: well… FAQs.
Within the Hardware section: Benchmarks, HW extensions (e.g. experiences with/recommendations for tablets, combination with pens, covers, external shortcut devices, etc.). Especially Android requires this!

For Benchmark, of course, there should be defined test scenes, advice how to perform, etc… Maybe even a sub-forum for phones and tablets. I would - if defined test scene are available - post my results with my Samsung s7, Pixel 6a, and some older (rooted) devices. Same for some pens I have (maybe there’s even some hard facts I can post. e.g. pressure sensitivity, tilt support, etc. - but it should be defined). All focused on Nomad of course - it doesn’t requires high sensitive pressure detection, tilt and rotation support for Nomad. Stephane could maybe even program a button in Nomad’s debug, by which: the device (it’s name and article Nr.), OS version, Nomad version, date, RAM amount, etc. are collected. Defined test scenes are executed - and the result (max framerate, polycount, etc.), are collected, maybe even a table in such a forum section is possible (overview). Of course, the user should be warned (EU is strict about that). That’s neither perfect, but at least it will give some orientations. Maybe even publish a free app for it - I link that to quality :wink:
BTW: the benefit of a separate app would be: it could be independent from the Nomad version. Maybe already a suitable benchmark is available (Stephane?), so only a correspondence-table to Nomad required specs is necessary…

I read so many buls**t about pseudo benchmarks, etc. Only leading to confusion.

Same for the tutorials: but here, it requires more structure: ProcreateFX posted so many, and on YouTube you’ll find also other great ones (Dave Reed, SmallRobotStudio, SouthernGFX), etc… There really should be a pined section, giving advice - at least whom to look/search for. Maybe some poll, where s.o. can give a vote. So a ranking for the tutorials is possible. Distinguished by: absolute beginners, advanced, and pros. Also a separation between bare scultping, effects, export e.g. to procreate/blender/etc., would be of help.

Discord: people ask so many stupid questions over and over again. Stupid questions social media seduce to. The forum should be a more conservative place (yes I’m really getting old), to give some orientation.
Discord is nice to chat, discuss beta features, say hello and ask for imediate help - also many times posters are just too stupid or lazy to think…
But well, also this needs room. But with such and enhanced forum, a simple link onto the Q&A, HW, and structured tutorial section is possible. Maybe even a Q&A section on Discord (only a few know how to find pinned posts). However, some do avoid Discord, like I do for Facebook, etc… Nevertheless, I think that is what is really missing here in the forum…

So in short: I vote for other Categories here:

  • Q&A/FAQ
  • Hardware
    • Devices
    • Benchmarks
  • Tutorials
    • Beginners
    • Advanced
    • Pros

but in the suggested way.

Last but not least: maybe even a poll within the artwork section. It’s so amazing what’s a great artist can achieve on crappy devices. And yes: I imagine a presentation page, where art picks are posted with details about e.g.: what device used to achieve like that. Maybe even with a short comment, how long it took, and where he/she can make some comments.
It does not take great HW to produce amazing!