Need help exporting for use in After Effects

(Updated my question for clarity)

I am new to Nomad, and new to importing 3D into after effects. I can’t find any tutorials anywhere yet that specifically advise on exporting Nomad files for AE. I’ve tried both .glb and .obj formats, but so far both of them appear with an opaque magenta background in AE. It obscures all other layers, whether they are in front or behind.

I see that the magenta disappears while the timeline is playing, but it is still difficult to position and move the object without being bale to see other layers.

I also want to understand about what’s going on with the .glb file on the left. Is it supposed to look flat like that, with weird colors?

Can anyone advise on the background problem, or just where I might find a good tutorial for a workflow with AE? Thanks to anyone who can help :slight_smile:

I loaded up the AE trial, seems ok for me? I get a flash of colour in the background when I first load the model into the project, but then it resets and looks as expected. Wasn’t sure if it might be related to vertex colours vs textures, but I’ve tried loading models in both formats, in both glb and obj format, both are fine.

I’m running AE 2024 on a M1 mac, what are you using?

AE version 24.5.0, running on an M1 MacBook. Since you said you were getting a flash but it was temporary, I decided to try remeshing at about half the resolution to see if it is a processing issue. That does seem to help, so I guess I now have an idea of the limits of my M1 MacBook.

Thanks for doing the test, it helped me get unstuck :slight_smile:

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