Exporting files

I want if it’s possible to export gltf to usdz in order to see in AR as well


You can’t do that in Nomad for now, maybe in the future but it’s not high priority.

+1 for this, gltf & obj is nice but usd and usdz would really open things up, especially to other iPad apps like reality composer.

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Yeah I was expecting this feature too, bummer it’s not high priority.

Don’t get me wrong this app is awesome and the absence of this feature is not terrible, it’s more like an inconvenience. I’m thinking of importing the gltf to Blender and then export from there to usdz using a plugin. Can anyone think of a better workaround?

+1 my company is planning to embrace USD soon and this would be great for getting concept sculpts into the pipeline. Also I’ve never used Blender just Zbrush, which now supports USD so ideal for migrating back and forth from Desktop

Yeah, I’m gonna bump this request. :slight_smile: Currently, I have to take multiple steps to export, get it over to the Mac Pro, convert with Reality Converter, then send back.