Any plans for USD/USDZ file support?

First THANK YOU so much for this app! :+1:

USD seems to have a lot of promise and a lot more momentum than Alembic ever had. One iOS sculpting app I use exports USD and it works fairly well.

Just wondering if in the future there are any plans to make use of it since it seem fairly robust and the adoption of the format is going well?

For now no plan to export in USD.

The format is very complex, for example forger and blender can’t import USD.

There are also other things that I dislike (USD library that is not straightforward to build, required TBB and Boost, etc).

In theory you can export without Pixar’s library, but a quick look into the library makes me think it’s not an easy breeze.

So I prefer to wait a bit before looking into it.

That makes sense. It’s still fairly new, and probably better to wait and let the others iron out the kinks. Thanks for the reply!