My wish list of enhancement tweaks

Forewarn: I have only been using the app for less than a month but since then I can not drop it. It draws me in to learn more of its capabilities. I am not a programmer so I don’t even know if these ideas are realistic but here it goes: How awesome and wonderful it would be for the scene drop menu to come with additional enhancements for better file structure management plus other enhancements.
Wish list:

  1. Allow folder for both Scene and Layers by selecting multiple items and dragging to a newly created folder or be prompted to create a folder.
  2. Allow the ability to press and hold on the open scene screen and click and various objects to select them all at the same time. Be prompted to add as a group, mesh, copy, etc.
  3. Be able to select individual scene objects and click copy and all the selected objects are duplicated. Seems that it only duplicates one the selected.
  4. Allow the side quick menu to be modifiable so that we can drag and drop the Transform or Gizmo to the menu for quicker access.

Cool ideas but multi selection is done by holding smooth shortcut on the left of the screen(right handed) and tapping meshes for selection :slight_smile :slight_smile: