My Red point siamese cat... :)

I modeled my Red point cat :slight_smile:


Awesome, especially the fur! And Lightning is on point…


This cat reminds me of the game Stray that came out recently. Love the game but there should’ve been a way to customize the playable cats skin


Saw this guy on instagram, loooove him! Both the sculpting and texturing are amazing. Would love to see your workflow.

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I saw it this morning on Instagram. Wow :exploding_head::clap:t3: Really great job

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Thanks for all comments!!
Matcap captures

And some colors testing


Could we see a closeup of the head topology for the hair? Would love to see the wireframe.



Awesome - having tried and failed in my attempts to model my own cat, I am now enthusiastic to have another try!
Thanks for the model views, gives a good insight into how you’ve given the impression of fur without going over the top with modelling every hair :slight_smile:


Lovely cat sculpt. I just wonder if this tail connection is air tight? :joy:

Really nicely done. Is the Matcap one I published?

Would be nice to know how it helps others :wink:

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really insane work!!!

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Thank you for the pictures! They are great to observe. Is the cat a decimated mesh or did you use dynamic topology? What were your steps when creating the hair? Hope all these questions don’t bother you but this is a great sculpt to learn from. :slight_smile:

Used decimation…


Really cool to see. Thank you so much for putting this together ! Was the suit decimated too?

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Space suit parts have separate layers to change base colors. No decimation…
Helmet have decimation and some layers.

Normaly I´m work separate these layers:

  • Ground dirt dust (TOP)
  • Badges, text, symbols, etc…
  • AO dark and curvature age worn details
  • Basic color

How did you transfer AO and curvature to layers, since they are post- effects? Did you manually paint these? Also, do you see an impact on performance by having many layers on a high density mesh?

Also, any tips on making long, clean lines like the ones on your helmet? I always struggle to ma those clean…

All manually paint with “Depth filtering”.

-“do you see an impact on performance by having many layers…”

Would love to see how you go about using depth filtering to create those. And manual curvature? You mean like edge paint tear and such or light shining on edges? Basically more illustrative painting right?

Fantastic to see the breakdown and background work