Minimum system requirements?

Look at the processing power of this tablet, a Galaxy Tab A:
Can he do the trick for Nomad Scupt?

Qualcomm Snapdragon 429.
CPU Quad-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53.
GPU Adreno 504.

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Im using Nomad on my Galaxy j7
2GB Ram
Qualcomm Snapdragon 615
I have octa core processor

Its bit old
But stills works fine wity nomad…

But ,i can’t go over 4million of single mesh
Overall scene i can work with 3 million

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It should run fine as said above but 2GB is not much, so you’ll be limited by the memory.

Note that you can download Nomad for free on Android (in case you have access to the tablet).

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Hi Steph!

I am testing the app on my J6+ phone which is quad-core / 1GHZ / 2GB RAM and I can say that the experience is not being absolutely fluid.

I will test in other environments, I have access to a borrowed Samsung S8 (Snapdragon 835 processor). I’m researching what would be a good option to buy TABLET (bigger screen) and work with your great tool.

you said that 2GB would be the limiting - in that case, what does it limit? What are the precautions for me to use the application with little RAM and avoid discomfort?

Would it be enough to keep the vertex count lower?

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I think I spoke too fast, Adreno 504 doesn’t seems great.

(Search for Adreno)

I said a few times « any recent tablet » will do, but I had iOS in mind as they always pack very powerful CPU/GPU.

But after a quick look, it looks like some Android 2018 device (entry-level) have worse GPU than mid/high 2015 Android device.

It’s possible that old refurbished high end device would perform better than recent low/mid end Android devices.
Once again I’m not an expert so that’s just after a quick look at the market.

Wikipedia says Adreno 308, which is not great.

  • gpu: slow rendering (moving the camera) + slower sculpting
  • cpu: slow sculpting
  • ram: limit polycount

Yes, and close all the other apps on your device as well.
You can limit the size of the undo/redo as well, the default is 500MB.