Which tablet or computer will run nomad

Will an 8 GB android tablet run nomad?
Will a windows laptop run nomad?
I want to try and have nomad work on my windows laptop. It has 32 GB of ram. Can i install only nomad and nothing extra to run it? If it might in the future, when might it happen?

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Desktop and laptops wont be able to run it (for now) other than the browser testversion i think
As for android im not sure what the min spec requirements are but nomad isnt that demanding 8gb should be fine if its not too old it will probably work :sweat_smile: but android has a free trial version in any case. Pretty much all the ipads should be able to run it.
(ps the program is already pretty empty to begin with save for a few materials and alphas and the basebrushes i dont think you can do much extra stripping :joy:)