Merge and separate

First of all, thanks for the great app! I’m loving to be able to sculpt in IPad!

It would be great if we could organize better “merge meshes” and separate.

So far I have, for instance, a head and a pair of eyes. I rename the meshes accordingly, and merge them to a new meshe I might call “the head” then I create a torso and a neck, rename them, merge them to the head and rename it as “character” for instance…

If I need to separate this last mesh, I loose all the names and all the hierarchical merging I made so far. I end up with a mess of meshes called “merged 7” or something…

It would be very helpful if we could maintain the name and the structure of the mergings, so I would be able to separate “character”, and have access to the previous merged meshes: “the head”, “neck” and “torso”. And only then, in case I need it, I would separate “the head” to have access to the eyes and head…

Hope I was able to explain myself. Thanks once again for creating an app I have been dreaming for quite some time!

Carl McRaven

I think you are asking for a grouping feature.

It’s something that I’ll do later but I don’t know if I’ll only do 1-level group or support more level (full hierarchy system).

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Thanks Stephomi. Just keeping the name when separating would already be a good improvement to help finding what is what. 1 level group or full hierarchy would be even better!

It cannot be (easily) done, everything specific to a single mesh is lost after merging: symmetry plane, opacity, transform, name…

For grouping, the feature might take some time though, it’s not that hard but I’ll need to give more thought and UI might be tricky if there are several levels.

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