Making component parts

I would like to create “libraries” of components like robot arms, hands etc. and then load them into new scenes. is there a way to “group” parts other than simple merge? Is there any degradation in the process of merging and un merging components in this manner.


There’s no “degradation” through this method but you sacrifice the object names that all become the same once separated. There is a grouping system that Stephane is working on which will make this workflow much easier.

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I do find sometimes that when I separate certain grouped mesh’s that have been already heavily sculpted that were originally two objects on the scene, will diverge into an explosion of separate invisible objects along with the two original. It’s never affected the mesh’s i sculpted, its just an annoyance deleting them all in the Scene list.

Didn‘t have this. Hold on, yes once……Maybe „heavily sculpting“ lead to some normals mess? Trim & split can cause some fine snippets.

A delete noise threshold would be fine for this case. Deleting all unconnected polys. A threshold for defining the maximum number of polys to be deleted to keep bigger parts alive. That could help before separating.

There is no grouping unfortunately. Simple merge is the only option, or saving each part “group” as an object and reimport…

I generally find this happens with heavy tampering, I’m used to my models enough now that I get a sixth-sense almost that it’ll happen if I attempt a simple merge at certain points during the sculpt - which has influenced modelling decisions and forced me to find work arounds. Was more of a pain in 1.57 update when multiple selected objects couldnt be resized by gizmo from bug and had to be simple merge to do so. Noise threshold would be good in general, definitely for situation like this!

Thanks to all of you for the insights on making merged components and some of the pros and cons…

It appears that for the most part merging does not cause too many issues for simple shapes.

Originally I envisioned doing 3d for use in still images like the above, now of course I’m interested about using them in hybrid animation in programs like Character Animator, creating GIFS, and as items within Aero (by Adobe)