Memory Maximization

I’m looking for feedback on the memory/processing load of the various options that we have for creating detailed mesh.

What is the least burdensome way to achieve high detail with the least load on processing? Is it multi-resolution subdivisions, dynamesh, or voxel remeshing? Is it a combination involving increasing resolution, detailing, then masking and reducing with dynamesh? Any direction on how best to achieve high detail with low load, would be valuable.

Above all, you must first think about what you are going to create because in my case I can never say that I will only do dynamesh or subdivision on the other hand I mix all the time the techniques to optimize the memory especially but to details are almost always dynamic topology

@mythfits and be aware of that dynamic topology removes multiresolution. Same as any kind of remesh. Therefore as @Costorella_Stefano mentioned, you have to think over what and how you’re going to sculpt.