Mask curves when placed near top or bottom of primitives

When I place a mask near the top or bottom of a primitive column the mask warps.
I’ve had some success trimming off the top to get a non-warped mask but not every time. The bottom seems to keep a lessor curvature but I can’t seem to get it placed how I would think it would = horizontal.

The Stamp tool using the same alpha places the texture correctly.


I don’t understand the issue, maybe a quick video or a screenshot would help me.

Do you mean alpha instead of mask?

Here are the pics showing how the alpha when applied using the mask tool warps when placed near the top and the bottom of a column primitive.
The third picture shows the results of the same alpha being applied to the column using the stamp tool. The stamp is not warped.

Ah I see the issue, I’ll try to improve that for the next release.

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Thank you.

As I play with the program I am amazed at how well this software handles importing and exporting models and how intuitive the entire system is.
Well done!