When I extract from stamp tool

Bug reports

When I extract I get a weird looking blob. Need some help.

Screenshots work miracles when trying to give help :wink:

I could be totally wrong but to me it looks like what happens when I either A. Don’t have enough vertices in my mesh and/or B. Try to offset it too far for my stamped/masked object.

Looking at what I assume is your original stamp, the waviness and contours will limit how far off the original you can extract the mesh while retaining a good shape and look.

So I found out when I add the image to the alpha it show the weird surface but no white outline box. Without image on alpha it’s a white box onto plane but much cleaner image no weird surface… I’m following a tutorial on YouTube 2d to 3d which is a year old so I know it’s old but I know a fair amount to plug into nomad.

Hey I saw the offset it did work thanks.