Layer extract tool is scaled incorrectly

When using the new layer extract > to layer, the extracted mesh reverts back to scale 1X when the tool is used on meshes that have matrix scale of anything other than 1.
In video, I scale down the primitive and then use stamp on a layer. Layer extract gives the result as if the primitive was not scaled.


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I haven’t tried this new feature yet, results do look interesting even if there’s some teething issues with it, nice.

It’s a great tool as you can use the underlying mesh as a “formwork” and whatever you model over the top can then be made into a separate object. Just the scaling issue to be fixed and then it’ll be all good :+1:t2:

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Ahh, very interesting indeed. Thank you for the explanation my friend, this is a handy feature.

Before extracting you must bake transformations

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Excellent! I didn’t even know that was a thing :joy:

Indeed, will be fixed on 1.62. I forgot to copy the transform and material settings.


Such a good feature, thanks Stephane.