Many matcaps causes app too open extremely slowly or crash

I’ve had to go through and delete a bunch of matcaps as with having many (couple hundred), the app either takes ages to open or crashes on open. May just be a memory issue, not sure. Using a 2018 ipad pro.

I would be interested to know more.
I can’t reproduce the crash on my iPad Air 3.
I tried to drop 150 matcaps and then restarted the app.

As expected I had a long freeze on the first restart (thumbnail generation) but after that it was fine.

Did you experience the freeze/crash only after you added the new matcaps and restarted the app?

If it crashes at startup you can try restarting it a few times until all thumbnails are created.

In any case I could improve some stuffs (typically displaying something during the loading to understand what’s going on). Or maybe making the thumbnail thing faster.

Hi, I emailed a response earlier but don’t see it here, so I’ll add it now in case it didn’t go through.

I’m afraid I owe you an apology for taking up your time. I was a couple of builds behind, didn’t realize my auto-update was off. I updated and put a bunch of matcaps in the folder earlier and it worked fine. Whatever the issue was, it seems to have gone away with the update. Sorry about that and thanks for all you do! Absolutely fantastic job and much appreciated.