Making Eye more difficult than zbrush why?

l m trying to make round eye in nomad but it is very hard lookslike only option is making 2 extra sphere and making eyelids like that but in zbrush l can eve make round eye even with mouse.

maybe somethnig l m doin wrong?

Second l have m1 ipad pro but going from 5 mil poly is imposible. in zbrush l can go up to 25 mil poly with 5-6 gb ram memory this is second thing that has to be fixed l think.

Well to say it in your tune….you have fix your knowledge :rofl: :rofl: :joy:

Sorry. Maybe I just didn’t understand correctly?

use UV Sphere for a perfect round ball. The default sphere is a subdivided cube, very good for sculpting, but not perfectly round.
Was that your question #1?

I have no experience with M1, but saw a bunch of peeps going above 8 mill with 8GB RAM easily. With 16GB 20 mill are reported to be possible.
But it’s just a rule of thumb. There are some facts to know.

If you just have one single object with 5mill it will eat more memory than multiple objects with let’s say <1 mill.
If your undo history is close to 1000, it will eat memory.
If other applications are open, they will eat memory.

To compare desktop pixol based zBrush and IPadOS Nomad is a bit….I dunno know.
ZBrush is a complete different app, different programming environment, different anything. Grown from a 2,5 D painting Programm into something it wasn’t planned for.
The result: unreal amount of polys using cpu only, big problems for decent renderings inside zBrush. A pixol is a 2D pixel with some extra information for shading etc. Well, my knowledge ends here as well. You can check by yourself. But if you want to compare Nomad with other desktop apps it is better to use 3D Coat or blender as they are real 3D apps using close to same tech with all pros and cons….and way less possible polycount.

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making eye that l m talking about eyelids etc not the round ball man come on :slight_smile:

5 mil poly is hard for all body sculpture lts only enough for head for detaiiling/but making eye is more important for me than poly count

Ahh well it could be better to structure and translate your questions. Separate two different questions into different threads is a good idea as well.

I can’t follow what is easier in zBrush in your opinion than in Nomad to create eye lids.
Maybe just a different workflow to learn? But it is a bit too tedious for me to get what you really want, so I am out. Sorry. Maybe other will help.

lts really weird that you dont understant

l said it is too hard to make an eye in nomad what is too hard to understand this/

eyelids doesnt become oval shape so lt ls too hard to sclupt eye in nomad while l can do too easy in zbrush/

lf any 90 lq read this pls give me tips about sculpt eye in nomad

:blush: 70IQ questions get clear answers my dear. :blush:
80IQ would already found the answers in net or here in forum. It was discussed several times. A bunch of tutorials about this are out there. But I can’t remember anymore.
Maybe because I am <90IQ :heart_eyes:


yea edit your second post so make people blame me for answering your unedited comment …sigh…

anyway from my perspective zbrush is something like more whole as a clay pixologic probly coded their clay so people can make more easly anatomic models.

So nomad sculpt should try something like that in their newer updates.

<40 IQ here :raised_hand: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As knacki said, there’s plenty of information on it here in the forums as well as other places in the net. It’s not so hard if you learn the tools and how to use them as well as follow other people’s tutorials.

I think knacki gets frustrated because so many people come here asking questions that can be easily found with a simple search.

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lookslike snacky has been succesful .that lq think is because he or she made me agrassive with his or her second comment. then he or she edit that comment. (l did not )

First ) l watched youtube nomad tutorials most of them suck at shaping eyes. only goodones l saw used 2 more suphere for eyes ( as l told at first )

l cant even find what l am looking for and asking for help but you people blame me for that.At least you could have share a forum topic link so l could see but you 2 did what?

Empy words.

Toxic communite member (saw other topic snacky told a man why dont you show what did you sculpt? he or she is trying to blame topic holder for his incapacity )

This is what l call toxic behauvier.

l m done with nomad thanks your great helps.

good day.

Since I haven’t been drinking, I won’t comment much further than this after what has already been said.

A good carpenter doesn’t blame the hammer when he misses the nail.


Knacki came in with good advice, I think there might be some kind of communication barrier but from what I read your the one who took the criticism as aggression and kind of acted like a dick about it. You can either take the advice given or ignore it but it’s already been answered


A pretty extreme reaction to boycott a piece of software because forum feedback and I would hardly class this community as toxic.

Last time I did a test I got 137IQ which I have put to good use by typing ‘Nomad Sculpt eyelids’ into Google and the very first result was this tutorial by small robot studio…

If you are talking about making a photorealistic eyeball there are also plenty of tutorials about that too even applying the same fundamental techniques from ZBrush will work, without visual reference of what you are trying to achieve it is difficult to assist

Hope that helps :wink:


Wow, there’s a bit of this happening recently. People clicking fingers wanting instant answers and us oldies having shorter patience with them. I find I get a bit snippy myself when answering topics that contain “Nomad is bad, make it do this….”

True, I was a bit…snippy? :grinning: (German word is schnippisch :rofl: )…as well.
But this, “why is my 17 buck app not exactly same as the 800$ zBrush” bullshit.
All this without even knowing your tools… this is simply weak.

Obviously people even don’t know that there is a search function in a forum, as they are all using social media crap like Instagram buring hundreds of years of peoples creativity every day as you’ll never find it again in this hashtag madness. Already on Nomads discord it is hard.

Anyway I still I can’t figure out what was wanted. Eye, eyelid, round eye, eye in general?
My English is not as good as I would love it to be, but hey - clear questions can’t be too difficult, using some auto correction and some interest.

I should not have answered at all. But sometimes you feel sorry for poor souls lost in their own limited world.

I was once a target of aggression because I wanted to help. I just explained something as someone posted about a problem.
But it turned out, that no explaination was wanted.
That I should stop mansplaining (that moment and after some google translation I finaly recognised that he was a she :slight_smile: )
It was more like "this is not working but don’t tell me how because I know everything and this is not working…
It was a bit…disturbing.


The internet is like that. One second you’re having a Denver omelette and the next, someone is sticking a gun in your face. Oh no, that was Pulp Fiction…………but the same thing :rofl:

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