Make your own grid with center line

While constructing more technical stuff, I am missing a centre line in Nomad grid, and grids for the other axis.
But you can help yourself easily.

Create a plane, scale it to your needs and switch on wireframe. In Topology menu choose an uneven subdivision, not to high. In my case I chose 9. Now you have a grid with a line in centre. That helps to place objects exactly on one side before mirroring i.e.

If you need more axis and you want to continuously construct with this grid, go to render and put opacity to 0. Now clone the plane in scene menu, choose gizmo tool, tap on gizmo icon on top to get to the numerical input and rotate necessary axis 90 degrees. If you don‘t now which axis is wright one, rotate the plane a bit with gizmo and look in numerical input which axis has changed. Undo, and enter 90 degree in right numerical input.

As there is no freeze option in Nomad, you best work with little lock in bottom left menu, to lock the selection you are working on to avoid accidental selecting the grid. With visibility you can switch grids needed on off. I would not use more than two grids at a time and probably switch off native grid in Nomads interface settings.