View grid in orthographic modes and lock to view

I am really enjoying Nomad Sculpt! Thanks for an outstanding software product. Is it possible to show grid oriented to a particular view plane and then lock that view orientation? Click on the front face on the cube interface icon and the viewport locks to that view and shows the grid orientation to that view. Maybe it requires a lock and unlock icon so you can quickly go from fixed viewport to free rotation view.



Curvehunter, maybe as a work around you could save a camera view and import a reference image of a grid with alpha channel and set it as an overlay.

Agreed. As a workaround, I solve it via a plane and wireframe mode so far. Has a plus to adjust grid subdivisions and get a centre grid line, which I am missing time by time.
If you put opacity to 0, the plane will be visible when wireframe is on only.

But it hides other wireframe interestingly.

I also activated camera snap in lower left toolbar. Like it more than the cube. Rotate with finger to view you want to have and “snap” it’s there.

Just workarounds…


Bumping this!

I had to do some slightly more precise stuff in a front ortho view, thought ‘ah, I’ll turn on the grid’, and was surprised when all I got was the single line representation of the ground plane grid.

Yeah, but a plane primitive with opacity on 0 is a quick workaround with exactly the amount of subdivisions you need.
Meanwhile, wireframe is not hidden by another object anymore.

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I made a little video today about transparent grids, I already knew this but I thought more people might be interested. Thank you @knacki !