Grid does not show center line

Obviously not a bug, but annoying like a serious bug.
Most rotational and symmetrical work needs orientation on center. But while I can adjust colors and opacity of grid, there is no option to refine it. Center line should be there by default anyway.

It’s a very small adjustment with serious great impact for everyone.

Pleeeeease :pleading_face:

Workarounds without freeze are not such a help like they could.

im just confused how can you get that grid lines?
is that a feature of nomad or just a image background?

It’s a plane primitive with odd division to get a Center line. Use material setting like in picture. It works. A freeze function would be lovely though.

I’ll add the x/y axis to the grid, it was planned.
I’ll also add a bottom shortcut for the grid (disabled by default).

Top view.


I’m thinking about removing the grid height option.

Or maybe adding y axis that points toward the (0,0,0) origin if I want to keep non 0 height offset for the grid.

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My wish list for grid in order to priority:

  1. Center line
  2. Shadow catching for grid base.
  3. Optional grid viewable in base orthographic view only, like front, top, left.
    This could be an auto on off.
  4. Adjustable grid subdivision (for adjusting to reference size object for working in scale if someone wants to)
  5. Grid snapping for creating primitives and paths for mask, tube etc. on grid.
  6. Grid on/off shortcut.

I never used grid height. I almost never use the grid like it is as I am missing above points.

To me, a grid is useful to check centre, precise work and check proportions, and like in zBrush to catch shadows.
But an auto height like in zBrush is not necessary in my opinion, as it is colliding with other more useful functions.
To check if a figure is eight heads high I.e.

Just my thoughts. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :vulcan_salute:

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Updated the web demo, 1 and 6 now done (g shortcut).

  1. See web demo
  2. Not a grid thing to me, it’s a separate feature. I might add shadow catching someday (the effect itself is trivial (done a few month ago) but UX integration is the blocker as often).
  3. Blender does it as well, maybe someday, it’s more work. I might rework the snap cube as well (I want to display the correct RGB color, so that it’s sync with the grid and the gizmo)
  4. adding an option brings too much problem for now
  5. one day maybe, but asking won’t make it appear faster
  6. See web demo

Can’t you use a plane with the Division X set to 1? This should be able to achieve the majority of the list above.

Or am I missing something?

Very nice!
The most important is in :smiley:
Btw. - the arrow is too often in sight - maybe not necessary, or needs a clipping for front view and close to front views.

  1. I am maybe too simple thinking, but I would be happy to have a tick for shadow in grid menu. I can switch off grid and keep shadow, or vice versa or both. Grid shortcut enables or disables whatever is selected,


ohh ok thanks