Grid updates

Feature ideas for the grid.

Right now it’s there, but I don’t believe it has any options at all I was able to raise and lower the grid but that was it. If settings beyond that exist let me know.

Few things that would be great

  • have initial objects fit into the grid sizing - 1 square = 1 unit for primitives.
  • basic snap features , would help with constructing. Super useful for artists in gaming. Helps for tiling assets seamlessly
  • having the tube snap to grid
    The trim + split functions would benefit also from snapping to a grid. Especially when slicing something down the center precisely.
    -localized grids that could b4 set on a surface would help aligning and also strokes for hard surface work.
  • Ability to snap a pivot to a corner and snap onto the grid



Yeah, grids can be very useful when they are more than a graphic representation of a floor.

could it be possible to have axis center / square center grid option too ?
the snapping could be awesome for a lot of tools,
for exemple trying placing a circular stamp or mask on top of cylinder and be sure we are in the perfect center of circle top is not easy now, it takes multiple try and errors. I use show line and plane in Advanced symmetry menu now, that help a lot, but snap would be precious.

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But all snapping magic need adjustable grid size/tiling and optional grids for all three axis.

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