Looking for paint/erase tips

Hey guys, new to painting here… just getting to grips with tools.

Not initially clear to me when and how to use either Brush, clay, or paint, As tools when applying design to something but I’m getting there with it now.

When it comes to erasing out a bit of paint which I’ve added, I’m]ve trying to use a more soft/less hard-edged brush as the eraser so that the erasing it a subtle.

The default erase has a hard edge to it.

I thought at first… about making a new layer, painting on that, reducing its opacity, but of course this effects the opacity of the entire layer across the board. Not what I’m after.

I’m trying to erase with a subtle brush like you might do in photoshop.

I’ve created a small video to explain.

Can anyone help?

Kind regards.


Turn the intensity slider down, I usually have it between 10% to 30% for subtle painting/erasing.

That’s not bad thanks for the idea, I can probably work with that. But it still doesn’t really create a gradation / feathered edge to the the stroke so much. Not trying to be negative.

Ok, I’ve just found something,

By changing the Falloff like this…
I’ve got what I want.

Is there any way to save this preset now?

Click on tool icon on the right.

Thx. Sorry for time-waste question, I just watched a tut on it. All the best.