Artefacts with paint data transparency and layers

I’m noticing some unwanted halo-ing on paint stroke edges, most evident with soft falloff:

It’s fine when painting on an opaque layer:

And when erasing with pressure sensitivity it sort of leaves this watermarking effect. I can only get rid of it by erasing at full blast intensity without any falloff making tough to get soft transitions:

I’ve also noticed that when erasing paint using the paint tool leaves a dark halo edge, but erasing using the delete layer tool works like you would expect:

left stroke: paint tool.
right stroke is delete layer.

I’m on v1.39.

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Fixed on next release.

This is probably due to 8 bit rounding (only 255 values).
No fix for now.

Can you tell me the exact setup to reproduce (define “opacity” as it can be ambiguous).

try using paint brush set to 50% intensity, alpha off, third falloff curve ‘smoothstep’, with dynamic radius stroke.
Here’s the result i get:

upload compression might be exaggerating it, but may also help illustrate whats happening.

So there were indeed issues and they should be fixed for next release, but some of them will stay because of the 8 bit limitation.

Switching to 16 bit is working fine and is really tempting but the main issue is the glb export file size, especially if you have ton of layers.

I’ll think more about it.

Thanks stephomi,
tempting for sure, especially considering some full featured desktop apps don’t support it.

But in fairness, the 8bit issue is relatively minor. Maybe most users may never notice any problems…or gains from 16bit.

Obviously you have better insights into the pros and cons, so I wouldn’t sway you into either choice :slight_smile:

Nomad 1.40 is live.

So I fixed a bunch of things.

As for precision I went for a hybrid approach, I’m still writing 8-bit colors in glb files.
However for runtime painting, I’m using 10-bit colors instead of 8-bit, the memory overhead is reasonable.
It’s possible to loose a bit of quality when saving the file though, but the benefit of 10 bits is still there when using smooth, smudge or low paint intensity.

Metalness/Roughnes/Mask are still 8-bit though.

Oh yeah,
I’m seeing a marked improvement in quality!

Greatly appreciated :+1: