Feature request: (Paint) Blur Brush

Hi, I’ve found that using the smear brush to try to soften/blur and blend adjacent colored vertices seems to push colors around -which is precisely what a smear brush does. :wink:
Could it be possible to either add a control for preventing the ‘pushing’ of a color so that just blending occurs, or have a brush that is dedicated to blurring the colors which are under the brush?


Hi, what might work already is smear with a lower paint intensity in the “Painting” menu, and move back and forth.
You can try the smooth brush too with a 0 intensity and “blending” on in the “Painting” menu, this has a similar effect.

Yes the smooth brush blends the color as well.
However the effect will be dependent on the density.

Maybe I could make a blend tool that works similarly to the smudge.

A blend brush would be fantastic as it would really help with painting smooth transitional tones on surfaces among other things. If it lived as part of the smudge brush (switch mode to blur) to save space or had its own brush icon -either would be fantastic!

Ah, I misread… a Blend Tool… that’s not a blur tool for paining. I got excited. I will try using the smooth brush and see if I can get it to leave the geometry intact and only ‘smooth’ the colors…

Yes you can simply move the intensity slider on the left to zero.

If I make a separate blend brush maybe I’ll change the way intensity slider interacts with blend intensity.
It’s probably confusing to have the smooth blend intensity slider not linked to the main smooth intensity slider.

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