Locking “show painting”?

I have a painted (vertex coloured ) character comprised of many separate parts. I now want to work on the character’s form and pose him, reverting to matcap and activating “show painting” from the display settings to actually make the vertex colours invisible. That part works great.

But when switching between parts, eventually the colour will be reactivated automatically and that is quite annoying for the work I am trying to do at that stage. I’ve tried using the BPR mode and the same thing happens.

What triggers off the colour coming back into view and how can I stop it?

I know that if the colour was on a layer for each part I could have always dialled it down, but since it’s not, is there a way to lock the “show painting” on so the colours don’t show until I want them to?

If your tool uses paint, paint is shown. Which makes absolute sense to prevent mistakes.

Well sure, but what if I ONLY need to use the sculpting abilities of a tool, is there no way to prevent the colour of showing? I wish I could commit the colour to a layer and just dial it down…

Paint is showing because you are editing the paint somehow.
Disable painting (smooth tool is smoothing the paint by default, maybe disable that).

Hi Stephane, I don’t even have time to edit the mesh in any way, just clicking on a part re-activates the visibility of colour on ALL the parts at once.

Cannot replicate the issue so I guess it has been fixed for the next release.

It’s coming back on for all parts because it’s a global setting. The only idea I have is to make sure “stroke painting” is off in the brush menu for each tool that you have active during posing (even ‘move’ might have it on)