Lock view port when brushing on inactive item

In the clip above you will see what I do in ZBrush. I am using the move brush, when I drag my stylus on an inactive item, the viewport does not rotate, and yet the brush still works. The outer radius fall off of the move brush is tugging at the fang of this creature.

As far as I can tell I would be able to use Nomad at work (feature animation) with just two things.

  1. Viewport lock when using a brush on an inactive item.
  2. An ability to mask along topology loops.

Thank you for making such a fantastic app!

The viewport *can be locked by pressing and holding on it. It still allows for zooming but does not rotate.

It works like that in Nomad as well (but the cursor needs to hit the tooth though),

Yes this feature doesn’t exist yet in Nomad but it has been requested a few times.
I’ll probably do it someday.


Right, I should have been more clear. My feature request would be that the cursor ‘not’ have to touch the tooth.

Two options (best improvement would be option 1)
Option 1. lock the screen and allow the brush to affect an item without having to hit the item itself. This would help immensely, for example a large move brush fall off could change the silhouette of a body with a great deal of control. ZBrush can not do this. At Disney we have another program that that CAN do this, it came from Pixar I think. It helps animators hit dynamic poses that have come from 2D visdev artists.

Option 2. Allow the inactive items to ‘stop’ the brushes from rotating the viewport (as it does now when you drag in the viewport). The inactive items would help artists get halfway to option one. ZBrush can do this, and I have been using this method for a decade.

I know I can change the move brush setting to ‘Same-side vertex only’, which it good
But it does not provide the amount of versatility the above options would give.

Thanks for the reply!

Thanks RogerRoger, yes that is a great feature.

(you meant to say ‘can’)

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I know you probably prefer using the pencil to rotate the view but it’s really versatile if you set camera rotation to fingers touch only - the pencil is then only used for sculpting functions.