Layers random behaviour

Hey again.
I am experiencing a weird behaviour when trying to pose expressions. It’s a bit difficult to explain, so I’m linking to a video to show what it is doing (I still can’t attach files):

Thanks for the report!
Indeed it seems there is an issue, especially when you rotate the jaw with the gizmo but it didn’t seem to have been recorded.

However I can’t reproduce the issue with a simple scenario, do you have a scenario where you can always hit the bug?.

I’ll try with a simple primitive. I think it was mainly when I made changes with a mask on. I’ll be back asap with my report!

Alright I managed to make it happen again with a rounded box. It works alright until I edit the pivot location. Here’s the video.

Perfect, that was the pivot and I managed to fix the issue, thank you!

Too bad I just did a release… From what I can see, it seems the issue was there since the beginning.

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Great! I’m happy to help!!

Haha no rush I can do a bit of waiting for the next release. I’m sure there’s always little things.