Lasso enhancements

This is a “tiny” but a strong one.
As long as you normally draw, lasso behaves like now.
But if you tap only, lasso will draw straight lines.

Advanced addition but awesome:
Angle snapping steps can be defined same as with line tool but only snaps when straight lines generated by tapping. (Argh, guess this is much harder as I thought as Apple Pencil only gives coordinates when having contact to screen, isn’t it?)

It’s not an replacement for polygonal lasso.

A little video to explain Infinite Painter does lasso function. Tap for straight lines, draw for curves. All with one tool, nothing to change. Super fast and …awesome. :sunglasses:

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That’s convenient to use, like Artstudio Pro Freehand and line. Though make line need little pause. But still drag not tap lol

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A better video. To explain.

Well it does convenient. Tap hold drag you make free line. But only tap tap tap you make line.

My wish is ruler, not sure why sometimes I feel need that. :sweat_smile: