Overhaul of drawing tools (lasso, etc.) - inspiration collection

The potential of these tools is extremely big. Just some modifications would make them simply awesome. (Maybe I am just missing things?)

  1. Direct execution mode PLUS editable execution, please
    Actual mode is fast & good for lots of tasks. But for precise work optional editing before execution would be a big help. Moving, scaling, rotating, deform, warp. When finished hit checker and I.e. the mask is generated. Depending on tool for sure.
    Please check Infinite Painter for inspiration. Such a smart solution! The stamp tool philosophy is simply fantastic as well.

  2. Snapping to grid

Tool by tool:


  • Smoothing/ lazy mouse for precise lines.
  • Quick shape - automatic recognition of squares, ellipses, straight and poly lines with possibility to switch to edit mode (transform, deform, warp &stamp) before execution.
  • transformation before execution


  • in edit mode, line tool has four edit points. Left, right point, for precise editing with snapping to grid, Center point for move, point for quick rotation with snapping according to slider. While in edit mode, one can switch to warp. - Checker for execution.


  • While drawing the rect with pencil, pressing, “smooth” button changes rectangle to perfect square.
  • In edit mode, after drawing a rectangle is drawn the rectangle is automatically ready for transforming, scaling, rotation.
  • By pressing the stamp tool, one can build more complex forms before execution. Deforming, warping is available. Snapping to grid can be activated. - Finally execution with pressing checker does masking, trim, split.
  • The form stays for further editing (transforming, scaling) and can be as often executed still one leaves edit mode.


  • While drawing the ellipse with pencil, pressing, “smooth” button changes ellipse to perfect circle.
  • See rectangle.


  • No auto weld for close points, but welding by moving point over another with optical feedback.
  • By tapping on corner point one switches to smooth curved point. I won’t say Bezier as these seems way more complicate. Tapping on point again switches back to corner.
  • While in edit mode, same access to transform, deform, warp & stamp till execution.
  • Again, after execution, form stays for further transformation and execution.

New Arc tool

  • Check Infinite Painter again, very nicely done, in nomad convex area could be auto filled.
  • Drag to draw arc, while still holding pencil move in 90 degree direction to define radius. Release. Now three editing points are available, for corner and radius.
    -While in edit mode, one can go to transform, deform, warp and of course stamp.
  • Again, after execution, generated form stays for further editing, transforming till leaving edit mode for new strokes.

With these options, drawing masks, painting doing trims & split could become extremely powerful.
I would like to collect some ideas. Maybe some other want to contribute, or add?

I am aware, that one man developer is not running out of tasks and inspirations but time is biggest problem.
A limited, more realistic request would be the possibility to transform & scale existing tools before execution by pressing smooth while drawing?

Keep up the good work. I love it every day.

This one is for the next release, but it’s the only thing that will be done :slight_smile:.

For now the 2d shape selectors are not as important in Nomad as they are to 2d painting application.
If I use it for more tool, I could spent more time it.

If I were to improve it, I would probably go first with the “confirm before execute” and probably “drag one finger for translation”.

This is already awesome and will help a lot. Ellipse is a bit unpredictable as it is now.
As said - inspiration and I completely understand the need for priorities.
I had also triplanar in mind. Would become a bit like Snapshot 3D with those additions.

Anyway, once you think about taking more time for this, please remember this thread :smiley: A nicely done Quick shape function like in Infinite Painter (much better than in Procreate) and the stamp tool are revolutionary helpful.

But moving before execution, also when in “Grab- dynamic radius” mode could be already purely awesome!

Maybe the “centered” option is helping a little bit? (in the Trim/Project/Mask settings)

:muscle: cool. It is not available in selMask menu, but once activated in trim, it works for selMask as well.

Yup its a bug, will be fixed!

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