Lasso fill & extrude for quick boolean & more

zBrush example

A lasso fill is a nice tool for quickly generating geometry.
Above is a way used it ages ago in zBrush, together with those days Boolean option. Same, as in Nomad trim could be tricky in zBrush, but not this way. But curves in zBrush is a different story. Anyway this operation was more accurate than trim. Endless possibilities.

If poly line get some improvements as well, it would be even more awesome.
Poly line could be a combination: Draw to create curves, tap for corners.
Tapping on lasso corner “vertice” toggles to smooth curve.
Draw and hold smooth & converts all to vertices for further editing. Like Quick shape in Infinite Painter (much better than Procreates function)
Extrusion should be defined by slider, not by brush thickness imho.

With all improvements regarding poly line etc. this could be a real stunner now.
With a bevel option it could be a blast.

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