Pencil drag hold + second finger on canvas = ALT

Please think about this, opens a complete world of new options.

— drag a rectangle with selMask tool, hold, now tap with second finger on canvas = move rectangle.

— same when “grab dynamic” is activated in brush options.

— normal draw plus second finger = straight line

Once started, it will open plenty of options for. Actually it is very disturbing if second finger hits canvas as it always switches to zoom, no matter what one is doing. Often this ruins actual action. With this ALT option it will gain plenty of new functions.
It’s most consequently used in Infinite Painter and a big win for gesture control possibilities.

Why not but it’s low priority.

I really need to work on some other (million) other things first.

Also it’s typically the kind of thing where everyone has a different vision, for example (“can you make the second finger flip the mask instead of moving it because %FAVORITE_OTHER_APP% do it as well”, etc).

One other reason why advanced multitouch usage like that is low priority is because of Android where pencil+finger doesn’t work.

I was afraid of compatibility problems, even though it could be second finger while first is in action? Infinite Painter is also available on both systems.

A request section can never be more than inspiration.
But ALT really helps to get functions in with no need of extra UI + it’s flawless working. And moving trim, like with space in zBrush helps a lot.
Always missed this for grab dynamic.

Keep up good work, It’s a dream coming true.

It’s pencil+finger that is not supported by Samsung SPen, multitouch with only fingers works fine.

Ahhrgh, so sad. It would be such a big help.
Grizmo rot + finger = 45 degree lock.
Gizmo move plus finger = duplicate…