Lady with no arms but wings instead

Finished this one awhile ago but neglected to post it.

Sculpted and painted in Nomad, rendered in Blender with Eevee and Workbench.


Impressive work!

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That is insane.

The flow of the skirt is fantastic. Is that using the crease tool?

And what was your process for the wings, if you don’t mind me asking?

Thanks! :blush:

I took some screenshots of my progress on this one and then added in some notes. I’d never made wings like this before in 3D so it took me a minute to wrap my head around an approach that would work. Bouncing between using and not using dynamic topology helped a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:


Amazing. Thank you for the breakdown.

Two things; you reference ’extract’ and ‘dynamic topology’ - I am unfamiliar with these. Can you explain? Are they tools? Concepts?

Dynamic topology is one way to create geometry in Nomad. You can activate it under dyntopo. Check wireframe to see what is happening while playing with it. Check the manual for Dyntopo and come back with questions in help section.
Extract can be used with mask to extract the mask area to a new mesh. I would also recommend to check manual first and to come back to help section if you have detailed question.
We are all happy to help.
But all this needs some place to explain.
Maybe better not beneath this beautiful sculpt?
But that’s up to GLW.