Is there a way to quickly put leaves in a tree (particles)?

I am making a tree in Nomad Sculpt and I want to put leaves on the tree. Is there a quick way to put leaves on a tree or should I just use Blender?

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No particles, nothing like scatter on object in Nomad. You have to do it by hand. One by one or little simple merged groups.

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How would you do it as particles in blender? I have no idea about blender particles, but if you can use it to add leaves to trees then I’d like to know you method :muscle:t3:

Here is a quick tutorial I found to show how one could do it

It not like I hate using Blender or anything I just found its ui to be quite difficult to navigate and Nomad Sculpt’s to be simpler.

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Nomad UI is much easier as it has 1.345.457 less functions than blender. I.e. no particle scatter or nano mesh as it is called in zBrush.