Is there a way to have a "ground surface" that the model can be dropped on to see if it lays correctly if it was printed

I love this app, been using it on Android, i didn’t even know I was cable of 3d modelling before using this. today my other half bought me an iPad, I am looking forward to trying nomad on a decent size screen.
One thing I keep having difficulty with is keeping a model straight to itself
recently I made a furby pen pot, I extracted a shell of a model I already made, added a base and the cut off the top, I had the camera snapped to cut off the top, but upon printing the base was level, but the top hole is angled.

Not sure what to call it, but is there an option to start off with a surface you can then build the model on, and drop any object I add to a scene so it would lie on the surface?
Even if there is a way to snap objects on top of each other, I could use a flat cube as my “table” so I can easily spot if the model is wonky. This may very well be a me thing but my brain does not like to compute without it being on a surface. :blush:

There currently isn’t a way of snapping to a base or other objects.

The simplest way I have found is to add a plane to the scene. That way, you can see how your model is pushing through the plane and have a visual of it.

Make sense?


Yes, this what I do, align front view an adjust visually

One trick

If you really want one object be placed perfectly onto another, planar surface, you can use the insert tool.

Create the object you want to place, move the pivot with activated transform tool at exact bottom of your object. now choose the insert tool and choose clone. clone will take active object. if you drag now onto another object, the clone will be placed exactly on it’s surface according to normals direction (normals are perpendicular on every polygon face to define visible and invisible side)
Well, theoretically a bit confusing…I’ll try to make a vid.

Btw. Choosing a front, left, right, top, bottom, view for trim, split and projection will avoid unexpected results. No perspective!


Oh, nice trick, thanks @knacki

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When you cut off the top, don’t forget to change your view to orthographic. If it’s in perspective you might have some problems.


Thank you, I will try this, I did try using a plane but even when it’s straight front on it doesn’t trim like that, but maybe I had perspective turned on? Don’t think I even noticed that setting :sweat_smile: I havr printed a few keycaps by making a model in nomad then using 3d builder on pc to add that to a keycap base. I tried to make a moulded keycap in nomad, it was not flat on the bottom… oops
Next thing is to try to get my resin printer to actually print, would be much better than the prusa for small details if I could get it to actually print :joy:

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