Grease pencil/ Draw on model feature

This feature is present in blender known as Grease Pencil. it gives the user the ability to sketch on the surface of the model and have a '3D Sketch" of the underlying 3d model. Since the mobile station accounts for fast ideation or modeling, A feature like this will benefit concept artist in creating fast iterations and varations on the model in 3D.

Great app by the way. Seeing great abilities with the app and also a bright future for the app.
Thanks for helping the community.


Yes please! A grease pencil like tool would be a great asset. Loving the app btw

I would like to add my vote for this. When custom saved camera views were added that made Nomad a useful tool for cartoonists/concept artists to mock up views to use as perspective drawing reference. While sometimes you need for drawing reference a 3D model, sometimes all you need is just a 2D cutout in the right position and angle.
There is an app for the iPadOS called uMake that does this. You set a plane in 3d space, or pick a 3d model and draw an β€œink” line on that. The result is just a black line in 3d space that can be scaled, moved, etc. with a gizmo. Since it is in essence just a polygon, these black lines can be positioned in space to form 3d buildings, animals, trees, etc. I would find this very useful.
I do not know how as a developer you could implement this. The Sphere Brush I suggested earlier with a small enough brush size would work for my purposes. Perhaps some rendering trick where one could paint on a plane or mesh and turn of visibility of the mesh except where the paint was.
Yes, now that I think of it at least for my purposes I can draw a mask on a plane or in the Triplanar primitive and extrude that with a low z depth. Sorry for the ramble.