Grease pencil

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  1. An idea came to my mind, the blender grease pencil! I actually thought it was really impressive and beautiful to work with. And I would like to ask the creator of nomad if it was planned for later? thank you very much! ( yes sorry I ask too much …! )

But the idea of combining 3D and 2D totally makes me dream! ( really it would be fantastic…)

  1. and also a classic modeling option, with extrude, turbo smooth, retopology, surface and etc?

Thanks for reading!

Thank to the creator !

Interesting idea, but for a sculpting app - I don‘t know.
Some thoughts:
First, love grease pencil idea for animation in blender. Combined with all 3D tools like bones and sculpting it is a dream come true.
First example I see a benefit, but nothing you couldn‘t do right now. Except everything in Nomad only.

Doing lassrshows in real Life (well at least before COVID 19) for 30 years now, I know a lot about working with lines only.
Just drawing in 3D space, like in second example, is so much more difficult than sculpting. And no time saver at all. The painting afterwards could have been done in any sculpting app with superior brush sets. The sculpt could have been lit before in Nomad for reference.

If you want to sketch in Nomad, you can create a plane, subdivide several times and keep in in background as reference.

As said, just some thoughts.

There is a tutorial from Jama Jurabaev using the grease pencil to block out 3D which convinced me, but I need to search for it.

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for me this function has no place in nomad.

  1. Grease pencil not planned
  2. Low poly modeling not planned at the moment but I’m thinking about it.
    Turbo smooth is probably similar to the « subdivide » button by the way.
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Turbosmooth c’est pareil que la subdivision effectivement

FYI, gravitysketch just released an app on iPad that lets you sketch in 3D.

I’ve tried 3D sketching both in vr and w/ this on the iPad. Just not sure what the win is here.
Maybe I’m just not used to it but it seems much faster just to model. Unless of course you want that look.

It’s so hard to use too. It is similar to a blender and not at all easy to use! That said, thank you!

Not at all! Under 3DS max it is not at all the same! Neither does Blender!

Turbo smooth is for smoothing the surface, subdivision is for adding poly!

Et non du tout ce n’est vraiment pas pareil !

Ok ! Thank you so much !

C’est pas à nous de le dire malheureusement…!

Ok ! Thank you !!!

Désolé mais le turbosmooth ajoute des polys aussi :wink: c pour cela que tu as les itérations. Après c’est vrai que tu peux choisir que de les afficher au rendu. Mais bon je pense que ce n’est pas utile dans nomad.

Oui le turbo smooth c’est pareil que le multiresolution subdivide.
Avec en effet la petite différence que tu peux l’activer seulement (donc le wireframe reste low poly).

3ds max has 2 different modifier - Turbosmooth (works with smoothing groups) and Opensubdiv ( created by Pixar and works with crease sets )…
Both of them follows a different algorithm for subdividing the mesh and follows a different smoothing methods… both of these modifiers subdivides the mesh into quads…

3ds max also has another modifier named Subdivide
which subdivides the mesh into triangles with different algorithm…

Similar functionality to grease pencil can be derived by using the TriPlanar Primitive. Perhaps by adding some presets and options to that primitive a grease pencil like effect can be more easily simulated. For example a TriPlanar primitive with a short Zdepth that auto populates facing the camera with an adjustable transparency.
While grease pencil may not be useful for 3D modeling, it can be useful for concepting scenes in 3D to work out perspective for 2D artwork. Obviously there is a demand for it. Just look at uMake and Gravity Sketch.

D’accord merci !! Désolé je suis encore un peu novice, mais vous m’en apprenez davantage ! Ceci dit je vous remercie de m’avoir expliqué !

Oh d’accord ! Merci beaucoup !

Absolutely. After that I think gravity is too empty and not intuitive enough. The lines often shift and go on any axis, so it’s very complicated to handle. That’s why I asked the question to nomad who is really expanding!