Classic grease pencil or annotation tool

Hello, what a lovely and powerful program nomad is, just amazing. i would love if it had a classic grease pencil like feature, i use Blender to sculpt and i find the annotation tools is a great way to sketch up in the air ideas and check proportions. I just want to make clear that i mean the classic grease pencil, now its called annotation, no need to fancy-things, just a way to scribble in the air in a plane perpendicular to the camera.
This is a major tool in my pipeline as i use it to do simple scribbles and plan my model inside 3d and not having to jump into a 2d app just for fast sketching.
I also use it to leave feedback notes on my models for upcoming fixes, let me know if images is needed… im afraid to mention grease pencil, as the feature in blender became a full 2d animation mode, this is not what i meant, and its overkill, Imho.
kind regards and thank you for your hard work

the idea can be attractive, but would only make the workspace heavier and it is as simple to make a screen capture and share with the app of your choice and switch your concept in nomad especially on ipad, frankly the app opens so fast.

Yes but besides the back and forth between aps, having the lines in the 3d space makes fort a easy workflow when blocking volumes, and since it’s in the air you can rotate around it and see from different angles

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So, the hard part, UI-wise, is, IMO, setting the depth of the stroke.

The tube tool could probably be modified to fill this need. Add the ability to lock a semi-transparent (so you can see how far it is from the camera via its intersections with meshes) plane to the camera with variable depth and just snap to it.

Really, the tube tool almost works as-is. Snapping is just not quite right/easily-controllable, and there’s no easy way to set a thickness or x divisions before you create the tube.

The way blender does if I’m not mistaken is to simply draw in OpenGL, it’s not real geometry, and it just draw a certain distance from the camera in a plane aligned with the view, so if you move or rotate and draw again it draws in a new plane…
Ui wise would need to b a new feature, maybe like masking, it would activate a draw mode and if inverted an eraser mode… I could try to sketch something if u guys think it’s interesting…

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