Is there a way to add a vector graphic?

Noob here! :jack_o_lantern: Hellooo

Just creating this little Ghost on the shelf project…
Does any one know, if there’s a way to add a graphic from outside of Nomad?

The books at the moment have no detail to them, the plan was to have a vintage spooky cover one in gold one in white on them… but I don’t enough yet about this program if I can create something in PS or Ai and import into nomad, stretch and change colour and emboss maybe?

If that’s not possible, please maybe you can suggest an alternative?

I obviously can add the graphics in PS once I export this as a jpeg, however would prefer to keep this guy in 3d.


Hopefully this video will help:

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Thanks :pray: :blush:

Yes, you can impliment 2D elements in the form the stamps to stamp an image/art. You can also use your vector art in black and white to create custom stamps that actually push the geometry in/out. You’ll need to increase your verticies to get some good results.