Stamps VDM? or standard?

So was playing around with stamps when i got a popup for a forger ad (shady marketing Maxon!) came up on my PC.

so clicked had a look and in the features it lists something called VDM stamps. Looked it up and its some magic wizardry of 3D geo stored in a brush??

Is this something nomad can do also?. not sure if how it works but very cool feature the ability to stamp out a full geo detail thats not only height based.

ZBrushCoreMini also has it as well (a free trimmed down zbrush version).
It’s basically an alpha, instead of just encoding a height value it encodes a direction.

Not really difficult to implement, the tricky part is more the UX/UI on how to create it since you can’t simply import an image.
I guess I can add a VDM primitive (a simple plane) that you can convert to a VDM afterwards.

I couldn’t find on how to use it in forger, I wanted to play with it a little bit.
In any case it’s probably something that I’ll do someday.


Ah gotcha interesting!. facinating what can be done. Before using Nomad i tried sculpting 10years ago with zbrush and it was dreadful… we have come so far! :smiley:

Yeah same, i tried in forger and ill be honest i cant get much working. they all come back with error messages. so either im doing stuff wrong or its still really buggy. get the same when trying to remesh, it probably has some cool features, but its not fun to use.

It’s not magic. :wink: It’s a kind of 3D normal map, HDRI.
As a matter of fact it has been implemented in mudbox more than 10 years ago.
It’s cool but far from mandatory especially if you have robust boolean/merge tech as is Nomad.

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