iPhone X Toolbar Issue

On iPhone X, the toolbar gets sucked up into the listening hole on the front face. It can be fixed by rotating the phone to horizontal then back to vertical. But shortly after it goes back.

I haven’t payed enough attention to see if a certain tool is triggering it or what. I’ve had this issue for a while (multiple versions of nomad and iOS) and just haven’t reported it - not a huge deal and an easy temporary fix.

Here are a couple pics of normal then the bug:

Before it goes back, did you something in particular? (for example spawning the keyboard in order the rename something, etc)

I’m not sure. I’ll pay more attention to it and see if I can see what I do that triggers it. Definitely not typing though.
I’ll get back to you when I see it :slight_smile:

I can confirm this has also happened to me multiple times already (I use an iPhone XR) but it didn’t see it as a big issue because it was easy just to rotate the phone to fix it :sweat_smile:

But anyways, the steps to reproduce for me are:

  1. Render
  2. Final Size set to Screen (Or anything else really)
  3. When you tap “Export png” and “Done” The UI moves to under the notch
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