Ipad pro 11 big enough?

hi there,
i am wondering if the 11" ipad is big enough for sculpting? have someone switched from the 11" to the 12.9 ?


I have an old 10,5” iPad Pro and a 21” Cintiq for my PC.
I don’t want to have the 12,9” iPad due to mobility.

My iPad is always with me, where ever I go. The 11” is perfect for that.
Sure, it’s more zooming. If you draw a lot, you maybe will enjoy the better flow of lines on a bigger display. But you’ll have longer movement ways for your arm as well during a working day.

Using zBrush, I never would like to go below 20”. Tiny tiny tiny. The 16” Wacom studio is somehow OK but everything else than mobile.

So here is your question:
Do I want to use my iPad as a desktop replacement, mostly on fixed places, maybe together with a keyboard?
I would go for the 12,9”

Do I want to work where ever I am getting maximum mobility with pencil and touch only? The iPad 11” is your tool.

I excluded the keyboard for 11”, as I have it as well, but never connect it due to it’s weight. In my case, the iPad is more a multi functional sketchbook and I really, really love it for exactly this.

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No one’s going to be the authority to answer this but yourself. Short of finding/begging friends to lend each for you to use & evaluate, the closest approximation would be to print & trim some cardstock so they can be placed in your own hands.

2020 iPad Pro 12.9” at left, (kid’s) 2017 iPad Pro 10.5” front right, 2015 iPad Pro 12.9” at rear.

As I have no 11” in the household, the 2017 is almost close enough to give a comparative sense how much sculpting space is available compared to a 12.9”. In the past week of daily sculpting, I prefer my brushes to be in pallet mode rather than scrolling sidebar for fastest access. Continuous subtool management also has me pinning that window open. All this still leaves me plenty of room to position/rotate/sculpt.

My 2020 12.9” has been my everyday-carry from day one. It’s actual footprint is exactly that of a sheet of US-spec letter-sized paper (8.5 x 11 inches) with the 12.9” diagonal screen tucked inside. The old 2015 12.9” (1st gen) had considerably chunkier bezels. The 11” iPad Pro has a 7 x 9.75 inch footprint. Trim some scrap cardboard in both those sizes; maybe even paste printed screens on each and see what suits you best.

My first iPad Pro was the 13” and honestly I love my newer smaller iPad Pro 11” even more because what knacki said, mobility. If I want a bigger screen I use my dinting but for sitting at the couch or out and about my iPad 11 is fast becoming my personal favorite tool of choice


i bought the ipad pro 11". …the right one for me :slight_smile:

Perhaps a tip when you feel like the screen isn’t big enough for you to work with.
You can easily hide everything using a four finger tap, this way you have the entire screen at your disposal.